Novice Vegan Review: The Loving Hut

My favorite - the grilled Ck sandwich
“Dance Lightly With The Living Earth” – Poster on wall of The Loving Hut in Cincinnati

I have to admit, until very recently I never thought I’d enjoy vegan food. But after becoming acquainted with Sunrise Sanctuary and the wonderful farm animals there, I decided to learn more about vegan options and the vegan way of life.

The first vegan restaurant I attended was The Loving Hut, which is an international chain that has a place here in Cincinnati. I was surprised, but I LOVED my meal!

My favorite – the grilled CK sandwich

I’ve had the Grilled CK Sandwich twice and loved it both times. In addition to the vegan CK, it has pickles, organic mustard and lettuce, vegan mayo, and a yummy sweet red pepper pesto. I ate every bite and wanted more. I’ve also had the spring rolls as a side dish and love them as well. I’ve sampled veggie burgers and veggie and rice dishes and all were fabulous.

I got another surprise when I tried the vegan desserts. The chocolate cake was excellent and I gobbled it up. Thumbs up for the carrot cake as well. There are still lots of entrees and desserts I need to try and I’m sure I will get through them all eventually.

The food isn’t the only enjoyable aspect of the restaurant. I also love the atmosphere, as the place is small and peaceful. The lanterns above the tables are a nice touch.

The Loving Hut was my first experience at a vegan restaurant but I know it won’t be my last. I’m enjoying exploring the options available and figuring out if this is a lifestyle that can work for me.

Have you ever dined at a vegan restaurant or tried vegan food? If so, was it something you enjoyed?

Happy weekend, all!



  1. Gorgeous new site! I was a vegetarian for 15 years before I got pregnant. I wasn’t very good at being one, though, because I like so few fruits and veggies. That grilled cheese looks spectacular.

    • That’s my problem, I don’t like many fruits and veggies! LOL it’s an issue, but I am learning that I like more than I thought depending on how they are cooked. I’m just going to keep exploring. Thanks for visiting, Christine!

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